Barney helps you to understand what the club is doing. It isn’t just a golf lesson where an instructor looks at your swing and tells you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. If you want to just patch some holes in your golf swing and not be able to consistently do what is needed to swing the club properly, there are thousands of instructors who can do that. But Barney tells you why. He instills the understanding of the golf swing into his students. Therefore, when you practice, you know what you are doing wrong and Barney has shown you what to do to fix it. All of a sudden, you are practicing better habits, which goes a long way to being consistent. Many golf instructors are at a facility that just has a driving range, or a golf simulator. Anyone can be a “Ranger Rick”, but when you get to the course, do you all of a sudden lose those great range habits, and fall into inconsistency? At the Simplifying Golf Academy, we purposefully wanted to work with a golf course with a great driving range and a great golf course. We have found that in Old Hickory Country Club. It is a great facility equipped with 18 beautiful holes and a 19th hole that is a private practice hole. Couple that with a well maintained driving range and Simplifying Golf Academy’s golf studio, we have more resources to help you take it to the course. Since we have so many resources, lessons start on the driving range, where Barney will watch your swing ask you the basic questions. What is your miss? What do you expect to shoot if you played today? How long have you been playing? And what do you want to accomplish with lessons? Once all of that is established Barney will typically grab his camera, record a couple of swings, and take it to the computer to show students what he or she is doing right or wrong. Using one of the best golf swing data recorders in Flightscope, you will definitely be able to improve your game. Once Barney gets what you are doing wrong, he will take you back out to the range, and give you some drills to fix your flaws or enhance what you are doing right to help you become more consistent. All while explaining it to you in words that you understand. Typically the first lesson will be spent on the range and you will be given a homework assignment, or drills to work on while you are practicing. The next time you take a lesson, if Barney sees improvement, which most of the time is the case, he will watch you swing a couple of times and whisk you away to the golf course. That is right, once you get it right, you take it to the course! You can’t shoot lower scores on the driving range. The driving range is just a laboratory to tweak and enhance your golf swing. So now, you have a PGA certified instructor behind you in every shot you take on the golf course. Helping you to eliminate swing thoughts and make sure you are capable of taking it to the course. No, Barney will not watch you swing on the driving range and take you to the course for a half hour. Barney’s belief is, a half hour lesson is for people who don’t want to know why they do what they do, just how to fix it. Which will lead to inconsistency and possibly other swing flaws. Barney’s lessons are 50 minutes to an hour long. So you get to play three or four holes with a PGA certified instructor who knows your golf swing and is there to help you understand your golf swing. So if you have mastered the full swing, Barney can put you in a scenario to make sure your 3/4 swing or 1/2 swing is working right. Barney is interested in if you are a good golfer, not just a good full swing golfer. Short game, putting, low trajectory, high trajectory, high draw, high fade, low draw, low fade, are all things a good golfer needs to shoot lower scores and Barney will teach you every one of those shots. Not just fix your full swing. Yeah the full swing is important, but it isn’t all there is to golf. To book a lesson or contact Barney, go to the book a golf lesson tab or press the contact me tab for more information