The newest Ping line is available now! Just like knowing what your club is doing is key to simplifying golf, having the right tool to consistently make the swing you need to play better golf is just as important. I have a wealth of knowledge in custom fitting clubs and am a certified club fitter for Ping golf, one of the most trusted and advanced brands in the custom fitting world of golf club manufacturing. Your clubs probably don’t need too many adjustments unless they are hurting your swing, and believe me, I have seen people with beautiful golf swings and the lie angle is off, causing them to slice or hook too much, thus making them swing inconsistently and not playing good golf. All because a golf club didn’t fit their swing. The old saying everything is easier with the right tools completely coincides with golf. Once you start simplifying your golf swing, minimizing swing thoughts and getting the ball to do what you want, the last thing you will want is your clubs to be setting you back from finally breaking 90, 80, or even 70. Since I am a certified instructor and a certified Ping club fitter, I can get your swing where you need it to be with one of the most trusted brands in golf to help you execute the golf shots necessary to lower scores. Even if you don’t want a lesson and just want a new set of Ping clubs or a new Ping driver or wood or hybrid, feel free to contact me.