Why take a lesson? It comes down to these simple questions.
Can you hit the center of the club face?
Can you do it TWICE?
And if you are not hitting the center of the face, then do you know where your impact is on the club? And do you know how to move your impact to the center of the face?
You can hit the center of the club face, Where does the club hit the ground?
Most people I give lessons to tend the hit the ground before the ball, and it never works. Never has and never will.
Can you hit the ground AT AND IN FRONT OF THE BALL? And if you are not doing that, do you know what variables can help to achieve that?

At the end of the day, we are trying to have a collision with the club into the ball, and the first two goals HAVE TO BE:
1) Hitting the center of the face
2) (With irons) Having the club hit the ground AT AND IN FRONT OF THE BALL
Only after achieving those two goals with some degree of consistency can we then become preoccupied with direction, trajectory, and distance.

For those of you who have taken lessons from others, I wonder if that has ever been brought up, or if you have spent an incredible amount of time trying to make a swing that “looks good”. You can have a swing that is pleasing to the eye, but a good looking swing does not guarantee hitting solid shots. That is why, in my teaching philosophy, I rarely intend to reinvent your golf swing. Typically, my goal is to keep what feels natural to you, but make your swing work and help you figure out what you need to do to hit solid shots.

This is just phase 1, but there is much more to this game than hitting solid shots in the range, which is why I am in a race to get you on the golf course (but if we can’t get some degree of consistent impact in the range, let’s just say my confidence level of you getting solid impact on the golf course is not good). For instance, have you ever had a lesson in how to read a green? I give lessons to people who have played golf for decades and have taken dozens of lessons from others, and have never had a lesson on reading greens.
Next is chipping. Your skill and ability to hit a full swing 7 iron on the range has nothing to do with your technique and touch to chip or pitch.
Next is wedges. First, you need to understand the technique with how to hit a wedge, but then the touch and feel needed to hit the ball 40 yards when you are 40 yards out, versus 60, or 80 yards.
And then begins on the golf course training which includes club selection, shot selection, strategy, and more.

As you can see, there is a lot of work to do, so let’s book the first lesson and give me an opportunity to help you play better, and help you play to your potential.
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